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Wow you really touched me with this. It's amazing how a pack mentality can turn cruel and vicious so fast. At first, I wasn't sure I liked the notes in the parentheses but then I realized the MC was really trying to talk herself into believing that. Nice fresh take on the topic.
Oh my this was quite the read, it made me wince! The story itself was well written and an original take on the topic.

This reminded me of a company picnic. Everyone ignored one employees dish because she wasn't well liked. It broke my heart...I of course ate most of her entree` and it made her day.

Good job...Thanks for this.
This was an excellent tale of what emotional and mental abuse can do to someone.

God Bless~
I'd like to begin by saying this was written well and had a good message. However, I'm not a fan of reading from the point of view of the villian, unless the villian has some sort of transformation, or at least, some glimmer of hope of transformation, before the end of the story.

It's a personal preference, which says nothing against your writing, and I have no idea what the general consensus is on this.

But you are absolutely correct, when jelousy wins, everybody loses.
I think of the comments so far, Theresa said it best. It can be different to read a story from the viewpoint of the villan or from "not the hero." Having said that ... I thought this was brilliant! Since it is difficult to read, I believe its as difficult to write in such a way that it gets read. This held my interest to the end.

And I think another thing it accomplished was that it made you loathe, with each effort to get back at Kathy, the MC. I found myself liking her less and less and feeling for Kathy more and more.

Very well done!
It always amazes me when people do acts of cruelty under the guise of "it's all in fun!" This was well written and causes one to reflect if we've ever been guilty of this behavior! Good job with this one! God bless!
You backed up your title so comprehensively and convincingly. Well done, because you have not made your MC a heroine.
Congratulations on a well deserved 1st place finish!
Congratulations. I really liked this and thought it was great to see a fresh POV
CONGRATULATIONS on first place! Great story!
Congratulations on your well deserved blue first place ribbon. Nicely done...I look forward to your next entry.

God Bless you~
Congrats Wilma! God bless!
Congratulations!!! Well done!
Oh, wow, I found myself so angry at the MC! You made quite a point with this, a well deserved first place if I ever saw one. Congratulations.
Congratulations for your blue ribbon in level 3 and for ranking 15th overall!