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Profound commentary on a very real subject...Teen suicide. Riveting entry. This one had a happy ending, sadly most of them do not.

Good job with the topic at end. God Bless~
Aw, so sad. Sometimes it can be hard to convince someone like this that anyone does care, because they feel so worthless. I wish they could see themselves through God's eyes. Great job giving us an inside look at why people might behave like this, and to remind us to make sure those around us know we do care. The only red ink thing I noticed was that I don't know who Megan is. A friend? Classmate passing by? She needed some kind of identification other than just a name. Small detail in a well-done story.
Wow, you really had me all the way through this article. My stomach was in knots and I was automatically praying for your MC... no kidding... at the end I changed my prayer to include all of the kids in this sad situation. Awesome job.
I was so moved and engaged by the MC's struggle. It made me realize how we as parents and role models really do need to shower the children in our lives with love and ... attention. This is a well crafted piece of writing. Very nicely done!
Such a sad but all too true story! I'm glad it had a happy ending, although so many don't. Thanks for sharing! God bless!
You ushered us into her pain, her life and her trauma. Thankfully, the ending was hopeful. So many take the experiment of suicide too far for it to be stopped. As adults we often make light of the teenage angst that the enemy preys upon to bring destruction. A well written piece that pierces the wall of complacency we often erect to protect ourselves. Good job.
Wow, I was there from beginning to end. Powerful story, sad but true.
This is a powerful profile of a tragic scenario which is too-frequently repeated among teenagers. There is a lot of ground to cover, and I love the redemptive note at the close.
Hi -

This needed to be expressed. We should be more sensitive to the heartaches of others.

Thank you for sharing this rich piece to remind us about such a vital message.
Tears came to my eyes as I read this. Suddenly, I was able to understand my 16 year-old self. I was desperate for love and even boundaries to show that someone--anyone, cared. In the end I learned that God cared. Thank you, Shann. God bless!