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My heart goes out to you. It is so difficult witnessing a parents decline physically, let alone cognitively. I have seen many residents go through exactly as you described...the crying jags, very difficult to stop. But you found a solution to the problem.

Thanks for this well written and poginant story.

God Bless you abundantly~
of course I made a typo
I know poignant is spelled wrong above! Sorry.
God Bless~
You did an excellent job of taking me into a day of your world. My heart hurt both for Mom and daughter.

Tiny red ink - You said It seemed to my brother,... and I. It should be to my brother,... and me. (If it were dialog I wouldn't point it out but since it was in the narrative, I wanted to show you. A good trick is to take out everything but the I or me. You wouldn't say: It seems to I.) Also make sure you capitalize Mom when used as a name.

You did a nice job bringing the topic in in a fresh way. This is such a hard thing many adult children agonize over. Actually, our entire life often seems like one big experiment.

I liked how you made me feel grateful for the little things in life. Also the big things --Mom died at age 57 which I struggled with. I often said I'd rather her live and be mentally challenged from her ruptured aneurysm but as you showed me, the mom I knew would have still died that day. Thank you for sharing your story.
There are so many things about this story that are so compelling. One thing that caught my attention is the scene when you visited your mom with your your granddaughter. I was just touched by the display of generations from your mom to her great grandchild.

These situations are so difficult and your shared this story in such a fluid and inviting way. Great work!
Congratulations for ranking 8th in level three!