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Wow, what a dream. Great story, with important message...we all need to ask ourselves do we recognize His voice. This dream would be a great testimony for the MC if this is based on a true story...if not, still a good story to use to warn. Satan is always trying to counterfeit, we need to pay close attention. Enjoyed the read.
I really enjoyed this. I was wondering how she would know. My heart was thumping. I felt like I was right there.

Personally, I wish you had ended it at the starred part. I know God talks to us in dreams as it's one of the few times we let our guard down enough to truly listen. However, it is overused in the literary world.

The message is beautiful. God believes in me even when I doubt myself. He is fighting for me and He loves me. The more I read this week, the more I am aware that life is one huge experiment. You did a really nice job with this.
I think this was an excellent story with an excellent message and a great take on the topic.

As a big believer in dreams, I personally like the way it ended. I have had quite a number of dreams where I knew God was speaking to me about something. None of those dreams were as clear as the one presented here (since most dreams are loaded with symbolism), yet having the dream presented in such a succint way seems to work well in this story.

To each their own, I suppose. Nice work on this piece.

I was really hanging on to see how she would know the right door. Great job and a truly sobering message.
Very intriguing approach that was infused with suspense. You drew the counterfeit so well that I did know which door I would choose.
[I guess you also show that God's grace can even bring clarity to dreams that might be triggered by a late-night fried bologna sour pickles and mayonnaise sandwich! ;-) ]
I too really enjoyed how subtle, yet how powerfully, you painted the counterfeit door. The story kept me reading from the first word to the last. Wonderfully written!
Like Shann, I felt like I was right there. I kept trying to guess the correct answer, and I enjoyed how you played with the reader, stretching out the suspense.

Like Nancy, I liked how it ended. I am intrigued by the thought of God speaking to us in our dreams, and -- I loved how we saw the MC when she was awake. She belched, for crying out loud! I did not expect that, and found it quite amusing.
I loved this! I know God speaks to us in our dreams, he has often done that with me. It was very well written! God bless!
Congratulations on your 2nd place finish!
CONGRATULATIONS! Well done, very well done!
Congratulations! Can you hear our drums celebrating your success all the way across the Great Pond?
Yay! Congrats Camille, dear lady! God bless!
A well deserved win. what an article.
Congratulations on your well deserved win! Looks like you've gathered quite a following with this story. I can't wait to read what you come up with next.
Congratulations on your win! I am so happy for you!!! Great Job!
Great story with a great message Camille. A very well deserved win. Congratulations.
Congratulations for ranking 20th overall!
CD, I'm going to feature this excellent story on the Front Page Showcase for the week of April 16. Look for it on the FaithWriters home page--and congratulations!
Congratulations, Camile, on your 'spot light' article! SO happy for you; your article is most excellent!
Congratulations on the FaithWriter's 500 Article Showcase!!!!

I'm giving you a standing ovation!!!

Well deserved win!

~God Bless~

Great story, Camille. I was wondering how she would know which door to choose. I love that she knew the voice of the Shepherd!