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Beautiful story and great dialogue between parent and child. I loved that she went through college without compromising her scruples and faith. Lovely story. Thank you for this.

God Bless~
I would recommend this for all parents to read! A wealth of wisdom in this story! Good job! God bless!
What an honest, inspiring, well-written piece. Thanks for not cluttering up your writing with needless words and descriptions. Thanks for being honest - your words alone didn't change your daughter's behaviour, you let God do most of the work.
I enjoyed this story. It moved along at a nice pace. It reminded me of the time my daughter's boyfriend said How do you know drugs are bad if you don't try them? I was furious and called him up and said Gee she's never tried murder before either, how does she know that's bad? He didn't pressure her again. Many of my kids'friends were afraid of me but I never figured out why. :)
The temptation to experiment with what everyone else is doing is always a dangerous thing, but we seldom can run away from that with our kids. Your story comes across very well on how such a situation should be handled. May God be our guide. Thank you for sharing this excellent piece! God bless.
Good, well written story. very clear and to the point. Very easy read and no places of confusion or unnecessary details.
Really enjoyed the story. Falling in Love with Jesus is the only thing that will keep any of us from crossing the line.
Such an excellent piece of writing and so full of amazing and yet very practical instruction. I enjoyed so much that solution at the end ... "to fall in love with Jesus" - truly to answer to all the deep issues we face.

Thank you sharing this wonderful wisdom with us!
Love the warmth of your characterisation and the clarity of the message that you have wrapped up within it. Very well-drawn, and i love that closing thought.
Congratulations on the "Highly Commended" recognition!
Congratulations on your placement. Nicely done.

God Bless~
Congratulations on your highly commended. This article has a powerful message which I really enjoyed.