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This story clearly shows how God calls us to minister to others. As humans, I think we want to know if our attempts had any impact. However, we never know how our actions can impact someone for the good or bad. Something as little as a smile could impact thousands of people, like a pebble rippling across the pond, getting bigger and bigger. I loved how you reminded me to listen to God's calling.
Beautiful touching story. One never knows where the Lord will take us, or what purpose. This is central to being a true Christian, and this story reflected that.

I enjoyed this and felt peace at the conclusion of the story. Nicely done.

God Bless~
An encouraging story with no easy answers. I remember sitting beside an elderly relative who was 'comatose' talking gently to her and praying for her and some times reading scripture. One of her nurses encouraged me and thanked me saying, "They hear, you know." You focused on an important reality for us all.
Only eternity will show the numbers in heaven lead there by an obedient person at someone's death bed. God bless all those who are obedient to respond to God's prompting. A touching story. God bless!