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Continuing in the spirit of Lloyd Douglas' epic novel "The Robe," this is a credible profile of a hardened executioner coming to be gripped by God's grace. It deserves a broader spread than 750 words allow, but you have done well.
This is really good. I enjoyed this POV. I can't imagine taking any life but the crucifixion is the most horrific way to kill someone, then to realize who Jesus captured it all expertly.
This is awesome. A gripping, touching realistic account of the Roman centurion, from his POV. Just imagine such a horrible, loathsome duty that day, leading to the best day in the centurion’s life, the day he recognized Jesus for who He was. Your account was very moving and an “appointment” I’m sure the centurion will remember throughout eternity! So well written! Great job!
Heartrendingly real. Excellent POV start to finish. The impact brings the price and pain alive. Well done faithful one.
Well done - to bring this story alive from the Roman centurion POV. Very powerful! God bless!
This could well be a book - following the Centurion's life to this moment. I had never thought of this point of view before, this appointed time. Wow. You have given me a perspective to ponder. I think you have written a very compelling, touching, and realistic story. You have an amazing heart. Thank you for sharing your gift.
This is a very good story. I've never thought about the soldiers that day. I really enjoyed it. Very well written!!! Thank you for the blessing!
Your beginning is intriguing and beautifully revealing. It gave me goose bumps.

I like the transition of the officer in his humility from beginning to end. His getting ‘dressed to kill’ in his ornate and intimidating armor, then as the gruesome and penetrating journey of ‘the task’ unfolds in his heart and senses, he crumbles and bows as a pleading servant. Beholding his Lord clothed in the greatest armor of all…love.

The sack, the mob, and the goading friend all heightened my interest. And you said it well about myself, “I witnessed ‘my’ handiwork on Jesus…”

Applause for your victory.
Awesome and, truly, a POV I have never considered. Looks like the others before me had some glowing comments for you that I can only echo. Nicely done and we will look for that book.
All I can say is WOW!!!