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It was a good story I loved it. The only thing I was confused by was Ryan. His life insurance was no longer in effect at the same time he was worth more dead then alive. Otherwise it was a great story.

I enjoyed watching God's hand in this one! Each scene, a separate bubble, yet connected by a divine thread.
Beautiful story...I loved the message in this entry. Subtle and powerful at once.
God Bless~
Beautiful story...I loved the message in this entry. Subtle and powerful at once.
God Bless~
:) I love how this came full circle, and touched people in ways the owner of the Bible will never know. Nice job with this!
I really enjoyed this and loved how you inter-connected the different scenes together. Really is amazing what God will use to get our attention in our most difficult moments. Wonderful piece of writing.
Love how you showed how various notes in the Bible helped each different person! I think this is how each of us hope our writing will affect others -- that no matter how simple, some little thing that we say for God's glory, some thing that we have personally learned from His Word, will change someone's life.

I really enjoyed this story! Hope you place high with it. :)
By the way ... the notes you wrote are very powerful! I hope you never really lose your Bible, though I'm sure it will touch lives if you do. ;)
Amazing the way all our lives are connected to each other in ways we aren't even aware of. I love that it was His Word that was the thread.
I lost my favorite Bible many years ago in a rental car and I often wondered where it got to.
This story moved along so believable. My favorite part was the note that said "the work God entrusts to me may change their lives for better." The he called his wife to tell. POWERFUL! God is good.
A good interesting enjoyable story. Reminded me of a Christian minister I know, who came to Christ in prison when he started reading the thin Bible pages he was using to roll his cigs with.
While in a group study session, we talked about how one seemingly small thing can send ripples through the world, like a pebble in a pond. God's got an amazing way of creating great things out of His little (size, not content) Book.
Congrats on Highly commended! I rarely come over here anymore, but just happened to check out the winners.

Great story and things like that can happen!

Good job, my friend!
Great job and congrats on your ranking!
Congratulations! God Bless~

You are amazing - it never ceases to astound me how often you win! You deserve each and every one. Great job!
Congrats on getting Highly Commended! Well done. :)
Yay Shann! YAY!!!! Congrats!
Congratulations on the HC win! I loved this story...I can imagine it all happening. Makes you think what you might find out when you get to Heaven—that some action of yours did for Christ that you were unaware of. The woman that lost the bible could not know the impact her notes had on others, but in Heaven she would find out. This was a blessing to read and though it was fiction, it seemed truly inspired by the Holy Spirit.
Congratulations Shann. What a lovely story. I agree with all those above comments but am puzzled by the 'snit' that mom was in. It spells tins backwards (just for the record)lol. It's probably the same as being in a tizzy? Please enlighten this dumb Brit. x
Beautifully, poignant and full of hope. I am glad I finally managed to read it. Congratulations!!!
Hi -

This is an engaging read. I much enjoyed it. Thank you for how you weaved this excellent and compelling piece.
I had a 'The Way' bible and gave it to a new Christian one day when I was in my twenties. I too had written notes and highlighted it all over; it was a journal of Christian growth through my teen years.
I'm sure it helped the young mom, but oh how I wish I still had it today.
Loved the story, very well written and the POV switches powerful.
Loved it!