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I love this, a good insight into Satan's limitations and lack of understanding
Clever use of the topic...Well written and imaginative. God Bless~
I really enjoyed this. It gave me chills. I thought it was quite clever to write this in Satan's POV. Great job.
Oh, this is good. And quite creative. God's ways are not our ways, huh? :) I liked this peek into the "other side."
This really draws the reader in and keeps them hooked ... I liked how you didn't even have to mention the name of who was writing/talking. You just let the story speak for itself. And it spoke very well.

You also kept it light and fun in the midst of us reading the perspective of God's ultimate enemy. Because what's truly astonishing is that we know Who wins in the end. :)

Absolutley wonderful job!
I picked up on the identity of your MC when you mentioned the book, with the beginning filled with failures as humans. HA. LOVE that you took this POV. His mockery of God's plan is astonishing. This is some great writing.
This was quite an astonishing story—lots of detail and so entertaining! Satan’s POV in this comes across both serious and comical. Great job!
Oh, I love to read truly creative stories! I love how you start and weave in who it is that's speaking. I love the attitude of Satan towards man and how he talks so casually with God as if he considers himself an equal. This story is great fun! Well done.
Congratulations on your placement! Awesome job.
Congratulations! God Bless~