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Powerful! Is this a true story? Fiction or not, this is a heart wrenching depiction of reality after the actual event. Your words brought life to what the MC was feeling---and wrenched my heart. Well done, VERY well done. If a true story, my heart salutes you, my friend.
This brought tears to my eyes. You speak the truth so eloquently. My daughter just returned from a totally different mission trip but had many of the same feelings and conclusions. Great take on the topic.
This was masterful and deeply moving. It reminded me of the many missions trips I've been on and the truth you reveal is both convicting ... and freeing.

Thank you SO much!
A great reminder to jump out of our comfort zones and cozy lifestyles and to use our American prosperity to help those less fortunate!

I noticed just a few minor spelling mishaps at the beginning. "Mornings announcements" I think should be "morning's announcements" or morning announcements. And "the worse they could conjure up" would probably sound better as "the worst they could conjure up."

I liked the way you described the smell of death (even saying "who can describe it?" really added an element of powerful emotion to it). I also liked the contrast that the MC saw between the spiritual life that was being born out of death as opposed to physical life in the U.S. that was breeding spiritual death. My heart broke with hers for all those trapped in death -- in both countries.

The stark constrast is astonishing indeed.

I'm left moved, and speechless.
Moving, riveting, inspiring. Great entry! Thank you.
God Bless~
Oh, this is very good. Very powerful. You bring up some good points!
My pastor went to Haiti shortly after the earthquakes. We support a doctor down there and have helped to build a pharmacy for the hospital. When he came home, he was undone emotionally. It changed his life forever.
Excellent read. Thanks for sharing.