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This was so powerful it took my breath away, and made me cry. I was feeling all of your emotions, and wanting to place my arms around you throughout the entire story.

Everything you wrote about my mom felt when my dad died...And, so many of my friends when they lost their spouse.

This was completely on topic, and my heart goes out to you. My condolences on your great loss...May the Lord continue to bring you the strength to carry on, and may He keep His arms around you always.

God Bless you my dear~

You are amazing! I just felt I had to say that. This piece was so moving, so real, so powerful. You wrote from such an vulnerable place and yet, so open and expressive.

This was so wonderfully written and I was inspired by the courage you display in writing it (and sharing it) and by the power you display in walking through each day.

The Lord and your beloved husband aren't the only ones cheering you on ... I gladly join them!
I just absolutely adore you, and I don't even know who you are. This was so moving that I, too, wanted to hug you and comfort you! God bless you richly, my dear!
Wow this is so powerful. Is it anecdotal, or fictional? Not that it matters, we have each experienced this kind of pain in our lives, or know of those who have. You have so beautifully captured what grief is like; I love the line that talks about time making it easier not being so. Words cannot describe how amazing this is. Well done indeed.
How well you captured the feelings and greif of loosing a spouse. You took us right into the MC's life and let us capture a glimpse of her reality.
This is a powerfully moving piece. I loved how sunshine was woven through the piece, the way God's love is woven through our lives. In the last paragraph I was taken back by the parallel you made between the MC's struggle, and the struggle of those she's employed to assist. Wow.
This is beautiful. You really touched my heart and make me appreciate my husband's snoring. You wrote a powerful message while staying on topic.
It touched me to read this again ... congratulations on the 2nd place finish!
Yay Annie! Congrats, dear lady!
Congratulations on a well deserved second place win! What a touching story, the truth of the piece and raw emotion just makes your heart reach out to the MC. Great job.
Congratulations on your win!
God Bless you~