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This was an interesting piece packed with a lot of information.

In some places I wasn't sure if the many facts that were presented came together in a way that supported the challnege topic. Some of them seemed to jump around a little.

However, I loved the example all of us inteh church being employed by the Lord and not thinking of employment as just the place where you get a paycheck. A very powerful point.

Powerful message and well written. God Bless~
Lots of information in this to ponder on. I too liked the analogy that we are employed by the Lord but not to receive a paycheck. God bless!
This is a very interesting piece and it spoke to me in ways I am at a loss for words to describe.

I feel like this is a piece meant for a larger word count, with so many thoughts to consider I felt myself wanting to explore the issues with greater detail, but such is the nature of these cozy 750 word pieces, always leaving you wanting more.
You grabbed me in the beginning as I could totally relate to not being able to sing.

These are tiny things but they interrupted the flow for me. I stumbled when you didn't write out 3rd after writing first and second. I felt the same way with the abbreviation JW.

I did find what you said quite fascinating and learned some things I didn't know. I'm doing a Bible study called Falling in love with Jesus. It's about being Jesus' bride. Nice message while still covering the topic.