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Such a great story and even more so that it is true. This really was a special relationship that I'm sure has stayed with you over the years. A wonderful example of the topic where "employment" was something deeper than a "job." Very well done!
This really touched me since my own mother is in a care facility. Thanks for sharing and caring. God bless!
What a beautiful, touching, heart-felt story. Thank God for the “earth angels” like you, who take the time to realize how hard losing independence is for nursing home residents and tries to understand why some residents seem difficult. As Hirum said, to those like you, it is more than a job—it is a gift of compassionate wisdom, it is shinning the light and love of Jesus to those so much of the world just want to lock away and forget! God Bless You. Thank you for a wonderful read!
A very touching life story. A great testament; a memorial of a life well lived. I'm so sorry for your loss--and delight in that you will see her again one day.
A very touching story. Kindness remembered - transcending the boundaries of disease. One never really knows how acts of caring can touch another and carry through for a lifetime. Taking the time to care does make a difference. Thank you for the lesson and the inspiration!
A truly beautiful story, made so much more by the fact that it is true. Well written and well told. In showing kindness to those dependent on our care we give them value and God honor!
This really touched my heart. I too have the rare ability of seeing both sides of the bed as a chronic patient and as a former RN. It doesn't take that much extra time or energy to be nice to patients. You have blessed many hearts as I'm sure Vivian did as well.
Your story is so poignant and filled with beauty, reminding me of the verse, "whatever you do for one of the least of these." This is so very good!