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This gave me goosebumps. It's such a real story, with so many people finding themselves in exactly this situation. How wonderful it would be if each one of us could forgive those who hurt us and work towards reconciliation. My favourite part was the description of the husband waltzing her through the lounge room! So often we think God is being so mean stopping us from getting what we want...when in actual fact, he has something so much better than we could know. Well done.
This was such a lovely story. It made me smile and feel so wonderful at the conclusion of this sweet tale. It was emotional and served a powerful message to the reader. Thanks.
God Bless~
Such a wonderful story! You cover so many different ideas in this with such power and yet, ... so delicately! I also appreciated the waltz and the range of loving reactions from the kids (even the one who said "gross"). This was very written and brought a great message.
This story stole my heart from the first paragraph.

I was especially impressed with this section:

"...She paused in front of the picture on the mantle, and lovingly ran her fingers over the faces of her husband and three children. “God, I am so blessed,” she whispered. “Thank You for giving me Jeff and my three beautiful children.”

What a brilliant transition from the inciting event to the present time, and a magnificent display of showing/not telling!

Oh, and I enjoyed Jeff's sense of humor, and loved the symbolic last line.
This was a great story! Very real and easy to read. I understand this heartach because my two sisters are not talking right now. So hard to see. Great job!