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This was well written and held my interest throughout.

I felt so sorry for the child...I cannot imagine a mother being that insensitive to her child. It made me cringe, and I felt embarrassed for the MC.

Nicely done. God Bless~
Looking at my comment, I realized I didn't add after:
"I was embarrassed for the MC" - to be moved and feel such emotions in a story, means the writer did an excellent job. And you have with this piece.

God Bless~
An emotionally moving story! I loved the part about her eyelashes and the hiding in the sand dunes; well done, I felt like I was a bystander, watching the story unfold.

My heart absolutely ached for young Anna; to be so humiliated by your own parent. Powerful story, well written.

Oh what a heart-tugging story. The beginning drew me in for I knew for Anna to go to her secret hiding place something awful must have happened.

I was surprised when I realized this was taking place in the post WW II era. After I got over my surprise, I felt it added a bit of charm to the story.

I couldn't imagine a mother doing such a thing to her child then being worried about her where-a-bouts. But unfortunately there are mothers who just don't have a clue as well as ones who would enjoy tormenting her daughter. I could picture this as part of a novel. Anna would have lived an interesting life and I could picture several chapters of her escapades.
Like others, I too was shocked that the MC's villan in this story was ... her mother. The writing really drew the reader into this young lady's pain and seething outrage.

This is an excellent piece of writing!
I sincerely hope this is not a true story. I was mortified when the mother read the journal out loud!

This story was very well told, loved your descriptive phrasing. I absolutely adore the sea, and you nailed that scene, and you made me hungry when you described the feast.

Lovely, super-fantastic piece.
Once being a 12 year old girl with deep and passionate feelings, I connected with your MC.
Wonderfully written!
I too pray this was not a true story! What a pitiful excuse of a mother, that would use her daughterís private journal for entertainment. I would call that child abuse as it certainly would scar a child for life and make her mistrust ever sharing her feelings again! The embarrassment should have been the motherís...but she evidently had no sense of proper feelings! Hard enough weathering being a twelve year old and all the changes going on within her mind and body without having to endure something that humiliating! This was certainly well written for the readerís emotions are definitely stirred as they feel the embarrassment and pain right along with Anna!
Good writing provokes strong feelings. So you can be sure you wrote well. I wanted to pour the mother's sauce in her own lap.
Boy can I relate to your MC! Not that anyone has ever read my personal notes out loud, but you did in my POV do a great job describing the embarrassment a person may feel to be betrayed in such a way.
Very well done.
Interesting, but I think most teenagers would have grabbed their diaries off their mum if they were so insensity and stupid to try and reveal private thoughts.

The punctuation was a tad overdone in places.

But your descriptions were great!
The descriptions and emotions were spot on here. Really lovely wordsmithing at work. I was confused as to what would prompt the mother to do such a thing, and as to why Anna didn't stop her. The questions kept me from fully entering the story and experiencing it. Still enjoyed the descriptions.
Oh, poor, poor Anna! Being a 12 year old that kept diaries, I can feel every emotion this dear child felt at having her private thoughts and longings displayed so callously! Excellent writing! Good job! I hope this does well! God bless!
Very engrossing material that exposes the emotions of your MC and evokes our own empathy for her. I hope it rates well.
Congratulations on a well deserved 2nd place ribbon.
Yay Helen! Congrats!
Helen, your story is full of well written descriptions. It made me feel as if I was Anna. Well done.

Congratulations on a well earned 2nd place ribbon.
Congratulations on your win. God Bless~