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This was a well written story that was spot on with the topic. Nicely done.
God Bless you ~
Yes, I can imagine that. Awesome ending. I enjoyed this.
The feelings come through in your message. A well written and thought provoking piece. Excellent job!
The title is perfect. The repetition created the desired sense of urgency.
The only thing I might quibble on is the fact I would be embarrassed for I think the emotion would be so much more intense :Terror, Agony, Desperation. Though I certainly can see how some would see it as an embarrassment. It just didn't fit for me.

The beginning and ending were both really good and appealing. Your message is quite clear and you put a chill in my heart and I found myself re-examining my life and choices.
I appreciate the willingness to paint such a clear, and in my opinion biblical sound, picture of the consequences tied to not embracing the Good News. A very good piece of writing and very sobering.

Thank you!
That would be worse than the worse nightmare youve ever had. Great story, well written, with a great message.
Though we all have our own point of view, I personally think this is a great take on embarrassment. To me it truly captures the terror, anxiety and frustration that go with being embarrassed. And I must say that embarrassment does carry with it a strong sense of terror. I know because I've been there. Embarrassment can evoke strong feelings of suicide, guilt and fear - depending on those before whom the embarrassment happens. So although this isn't at all a humorous take on the topic, it nevertheless does a great job of capturing the essence of embarrassment (in my opinion at any rate).

And it's a good warning to us all.
God help us to daily examine our hearts, as your piece so poignantly addressed. God bless!
Nice flow, on topic, and very well said!

I can't tell you how wide I grinned when I read 'even my Alaskan Malamute was gone'.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not indifferent to the plight of the MC, getting left behind. I'm just so happy the Malamute did not :)

Fantastic message.

A succinct and sobering challenge, though I feel that "embarrassment" is not a strong enough emotion to cover the scenario described in the dream.
Congratulations Ennis! Well done!
Congrats on your HC Placement. God Bless~