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This was fun! I laughed through the whole thing.
Nice job. God Bless~
Yes, this definitely is a funny one. Oh gosh, I laughed so hard by the time I got to the end. Loved it.
So funny! That was not what I was expecting from 'Spritzers!'.

I am left a little curious, however, as to why you were playing baseball when you hated it so much...
That is HILARIOUS and awful all at the same time! :) I'm sure you were very "embarrassed" at the time, but glad you can laugh hard at the memory now!
This was too funny. I laughed the hardest at your description of the projectile you launched ... in the direction of the other game. So funny.

I admire your willingness to laugh at this embarrassing moment for you ... both then and now.

Nicely done!
Oh my, this was funny, but I too was wondering why you were even playing a game you not only didnt care for but were not good at. Everything is not for everyone thats for sure. I hope this wasnt in the middle of the game and you had to wait to get to a bathroom. Certainly would be an unforgettable experience.
Downunder we know that spritzers are for drinking, but any second meaning about bodily functions is not familiar. However, despite any risk within a wordplay opportunity, could I ask:
A: do you think urine-atural?
B: are you a bladdermouth?
C: (with no wish to faucet) were you later flushed with success?
Those questions aside, it was a very enjoyable and very descriptive read for this aging ex-pitcher...
Spritzing in brichers - that's a new one on me but it has a lovely ring to it. I may try it sometime. This story was very funny and it flowed well - like your spritz did!
This is hysterical, I almost spritzed my pants! Nice job of showing the topic.

I did notice in the first line that the noun and verb didn't match. It should be a player scoffs, or players scoff.

The ending was great too. I was a little confused at first what her actual mistake was. At first, I thought she had hit the other team's member or threw to the outfield instead of infield. I finally realized the ball sailed into an adjacent game. I wonder if you could have clarified this just a bit. Thank you for the chuckle. On behalf of all sport-disabled people, I thank you.
This is definitely one of my favorites!!! I laughed so hard (but didn't spritz lol. Well written and a fun read! Thanks for sharing! Loved it! God bless!
Oh, my! That's the way I would play. But I try to stay away from those places. A fun read.
Reading it again made me laugh again! Congratulations on a well deserved 3rd place ribbon.
Congrats Judy! Well done!
Congratulations on your 3rd placing. Well done
Congrats on your "funny story." God Bless~