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This was so funny to read but I'm sure it wasn't funny to you at the time. I can't imagine that. So perfect for the topic though.
I guess now every time you and your neighbour meet and remember that night, you smile - and quickly change the subject!
I've heard of being "caught underwears," but that was terrific!
Not only that, it's almost on topic!
I applaud your being willing to convey what was, at the time, such an unwelcomed moment. I'm glad you and your neighbor were able to move past this and become friends.

Its well written. Thanks for sharing it!
That is VERY embarrassing! Great story!
This is so funny and you tell it with such vivid detail that the mind just paints the picture! LOL
Ill bet the neighbor also got a few laughs retelling his experience of it. Glad you were able to move past the embarrassment and be able to laugh at it. Id say this truly fits the topic! LOL

Um, I mean, I'm so sorry.

This is funny, though I suspected, even after all these years, you still cringe a bit when thinking about it. You certainly nailed the topic!
Too funny! So sorry for your plight, but what a delightful story! I especially loved this! Good job! God bless!
If this were a contest for "most embarrassing moment," your story is in the running for a prize. It's funny now, but I'm glad it wasn't me. Good flow.
Well now...... Thank God it was a warm evening. You ate your slice of humble pie graciously. You're a bigger 'man' than me...I'd never share this, let alone write it down. Please, God, let her win!!