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Oh that is a very powerful story. I am so pleased that your MC chose life, committing herself to the Little One inside her! If only this message could be shared to the millions around the world who are given this choice, to commit to themselves or to sacrificially give to the life inside them. A very well written piece. Well done!
Life begins at conception and I'm so happy with your character's final choice.

Strong wording excellently conveyed her inner conflict. It's so hard at times to find our voice to do the right thing. I'm glad she didn't give up trying to scream out to stop the procedure.
This is very good, really...I couldn't stop reading. Loved the technique you used of people coming out of her swirling memories; it helped us to know her and understand her history. Great description and terrific set up of the scene. Most importantly, you delivered the message effectively and naturally, with no preachiness. This would be a great story for crisis pregnancy centers to use. Definitely keep writing!
Beautiful message packed with powerful emotions...Nicely done, and sweet choice at the end. God Bless~
Loved how you demonstrated the MC's inner struggle.

Great message.
Well done - can't say I 'enjoyed' it cause the emotion is so raw. But I couldn't help joining in the journey. The end is really just the beginning - way to keep the interest to the end.
This is beautiful. Your beginning paragraph drew me in. (I skipped a couple of other stories that did not draw me in quickly.)

I love how you built up the drama of the MC trying to stop the procedure, but couldn't utter the words. I was so worried she wouldn't be able to stop them, but . . . PHEW!

My only constructive criticism, and this may only be me, was the doctor's quote, " My time is valuable, after all." It didn't feel realistic and distracted from the rest of the wonderful prose. Maybe "Time is money", though I'm not sure that is better. If it were my story, I probably would leave that part out all together. But again, this may just be me.

It's a lovely story with a great ending. Nicely done!
A very well written piece that brings true to life the reality of the turmoil and conflict within a person who has the power to determine the life and death of a precious one. Excelllent work!
I loved this! Life does begin at conception, and I'm so glad your MC chose life! Thanks for sharing this emotional story! God bless!
This is gripping and powerful. I guessed the end from the beginning but that doesn't detract from the excellent writing skills. Termination of pregnancy can never be justified.
Tom, I'm going to feature this moving story in the Front Page Showcase for the week of April 9. Look for it on the FaithWriters home page--and congratulations!
I can totally relate to this story "wow" I should know I'm her...except my story didnot end as hers did.