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Oh, how I can relate! I still stand in the confectionery aisle at the shop and weigh my choices, sometimes even thinking about each bar; do I want coconut? or perhaps almonds? oh, white chocolate! Hmm, but this one's 3 grams heavier for the same price! A very sweet (pardon the pun!) story and very enjoyable!. Well done.
What a fun (and deliciously visual!) take on the topic! Totally believable scene. Great job!
This was just great! I smiled and related to being transfixed by sweets.

I liked it, good job. I need to go out now to purchase a box of chocolates!

God Bless~
A believable story that rings with authenticity. Well done.
I loved this story! You hooked me in the beginning. All the description of the various candies was wonderful. I cracked up at indecisive kid, because I can totally relate! This totally reminds of comedian Brian Regan's bit on trying to choose a dozen donuts with the "donut lady" standing there waiting for you to choose and customers in line behind you. "You don't wanna blow donut day!", he says!

I also love your take on the topic. My first thoughts were commitments to people. I love that it was about a commitment to a candy choice . . . or perhaps bubble gum. Hmmmm. And that he still wasn't sure he'd made the right choice at the very end.

Excellent story telling. I enjoyed it muchly. (Yes, that's a word. My word, anyway!)
What a fun read! I love to go into candy shops, and even as a grandma now, I have as hard a time as that little boy making up my mind! This was delightful! God bless!