The Official Writing Challenge
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I could so relate to this. Found myself thinking, "Yeah, me too..." Sure appreciated the humble transparent tone of this piece, not to mention the great challenge to evaluate why we all want to write in the first place.
Beautiful words, and truth resonated throughout. I liked the honest approach, and the main reason all of us are here writing - GOD.
I really liked this.

God Bless~
Great job. I really enjoyed and agreed with everything in the piece.
Boy can I relate to this article as a writer and an artist currently working on a book and feeling a bit behind in terms of illustrations, which I also intend to provide. It strikes me there isn't much difference between writing and art, writing actually being a form of art. But they do require skills that take some commitment to develop.
Thanks for this. I needed to hear it.
I resonate with your honesty, though I feel you need to break open a few more paragraphs to let each thought carry its own impact more clearly. Otherwise a very enjoyable read.
I really like this and so related with the MC. Good job! God bless!
I can totally identify with the sentiments you mentioned in this piece. Yes, writing for God is a commitment, and I wouldn't exchange or trade it for anything. God bless.
Hi Toni!

I am going to read a lot of your articles! This was a well written article, and I am sure as I read each one, they will only get better and better. I hope and pray that maybe one day, I will be able to be in the same ballpark as you are no doubt in. Writing has become my favorite way to praise the Lord, and try to give back some of what he has blessed me with.

God Bless!

Robert Douglas Brown
Thank you for your comment on my article on hope; I appreciate it. Reading this particular article was like looking at the mirror of my heart! Thank you for your refreshing honesty.