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Cute! And I loved the way the little Mac wrote a thank you note---that's a lost response with kids today.
Adorable, enjoyable, and written really well. Nice piece and great job.
God Bless~
Great story. I love the idea of the computer being a close companion. When something close to you is sick, you tend to feel the pain just as much . . . or worse.

I easily pictured the 'Doc' and his assistant. Loved the bubble gum line.

You've got a real winner here.
Oh, I love this. So cute and true, but with that slight hint of warning about taking things too far with computers. A nice combination. Great job.
Very nice! I felt the MCs pain at putting her little Mac in the hands of Doc and Zola! Your descriptions were fantastic and really brought the story to life.

As for the ending, did you intentionally make it a bit ambiguous? It seems very nice and light hearted, but I, too, picked up that the MC might have been somewhat 'addicted' to his/her Mac. Regardless, it was a delightful read and a definite favourite of mine this week! Well done.
This is a really sweet story. At the beginning I thought it would make a wonderful picture book. I don't think there are a lot of storybooks about this topic out there and feel it is a creative idea, as well as something that would meet the demand.

However, later on you had too many big words to make it a suitable picture book. I also thought if you had made it a twist by making the reader think Mac was a pet it would have been a fun read for adults.

I liked how you showed how most people today can't live without their computers. Sometimes my husband pays more attention to his "babies" than he does to me, so I could really relate to this story.
A light hearted and enjoyable read that is totally creative. I like your approach treating the Mac as a pet in the story. Great job!