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Mercy, that was----quite a story.
This was quite different, and as Annie said, "quite the story." You have quite an imagination. Nicely done. God Bless~
Very creative.

I feel that this was too much to tackle in a challenge article. It needed background information. I couldn't really catch on to what was happening.

Nice job.
This is a story that leaves the reader an unpleasant feeling of snakes dwelling within people's bodies. Such a story reminds me too much of tv series like The Invaders or Stargate SG-1 where alien creatures take control of the human hosts. The challenge topic is about computer virus or hacker, so this story is not quite on topic. Maybe rewriting this for a Sci-Fi story would be more suitable.
Wow! This is riveting. I could so relate to the MC!

I think you may have missed on the topic, though I do see the analogy it did feel like a stretch for me.

I think you should get extra points for creativity. The message is still giving me goosebumps. This is an outstanding piece of writing.
After I read the other comments I wanted to make sure you knew I totally got the symbolism. The luggage the MC couldn't close is the baggage or problems she carries.

I also got the plane ride was the journey of life full of turbulence and bumps on the way. Jessie reminded me of Jesus who takes our problems and carries our burden.

Of course the serpent is Satan trying to choke us and do us in with obstacles and bad thoughts.

Maybe I could see this easily because of my thoughts about life and my constant struggle in trying to close my baggage.

You definitely reached my heart. Sometimes when we answer God's calling we may only touch a person or two! Thank you for listening to God's urging. :)
One of the most imaginative, creative takes on the topic that I've read. What a flair for writing you have! Good job, although I agree with some of the others that it missed the topic mark. Keep writing! God bless.