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Oh I liked this. I love entries filled with Christian messages. Loved the ending. Good job.
God Bless~
This is really good; there is not a person among us who hasn't been in this 'disconnect' at one time or another. Whether for a single moment or years, this story speaks to reconcilliation. All the message aside, it is also well written. Good job.
I love how you incorporated the computer virus with the MC's state of mind at the beginning.

Personally, I think I may have gone on without the actual computer virus... To me, it disrupted the flow of the story a bit. Your parallels in the first part were clear enough without the "actual" computer virus.

Nice job with this one. Despite the slight disrupt in flow, I love how you brought it together in the end, with the computer tech's card being in his Bible. Nice touch. :)
Great story. I could totally relate to the MC's thoughts of inadequacy at the beginning of the story . . . and then the MC's realization that he/she would be in a better place mentally and spiritually had they been spending more time with God. This also hits home.

I love your prose, your choice of words. I must watch to see whose story this is, because I want to read more of your writing. ;)

Thank you for sharing!
An interesting read. The message comes through very well. Good job!
I liked this. I could so relate to the feelings of the MC. You used some wonderful descriptive words.
You definitely have a great writing style. I enjoyed this very much. God bless.
Congratulations and God Bless~