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A very sad - yet profound commentary on our society today. There are stories all over the network and in the media depicting such stories. Cyber bullying is "viral" in its own way... so real and so destructive.

I would like to interpret my own ending that the Lord saved her in more ways than one. Sadly for some it-that doesn't happen.

Well written. God Bless~
Wow, how sad this story is, but also, it's true for many. I so wanted to jump into this story and reach out to this precious child, to hold her in my arms and tell her how precious she is to God. How well you got your point across in this story.
It's truly a sad scenario that bullies now can hide behind the various social media outlets to increase their torturing of others -- thus doing Satan's dirty work for him unaware.

I'm with Erica. How can we reach these precious kids, to show them the love of God? Your story causes me to pray harder for the Christian teachers who find themselves facing our country's youth in middle school and high school classrooms. May God open their eyes and hearts to see the bullied ones and reach out. Thank you for the heart-rending reminder to be on our knees more for these kids.
This was chilling in its descriptions, and so incredibly sad because it's so real. Boy we really need to pray for our kids and their friends, don't we? Well done on a truly gut-wrenching entry.
This was a great piece of writing. Nicely done and my heartfelt congratulations.
God Bless~
Wow, what a well deserved win! This was so powerful and the imagery of how Satan works shown so well! Applause!
I have chill bumps!