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Such a clever and engaging story - kept me reading from start to finish. Love the ending, how the once thought of success turns to the Lord. Well written. Thanks!
This was a gentle story with a happy ending and a valid life changing message. Well done!
Very creative entry! I would never have thought to use a profile page as the intro to a Social Media theme. God has given you a gift of creativity.

Your heart for God shines through, once again, on this story. The lesson is so very true and you hit the nail on the head in addressing the fascination the world has with celebrity - and the accounts of their lives - a theme within the them of social media.

Excellent use of dialogue to progress the story and I loved the ending - a life so full of "stuff," void of relationship with God, carries a yearning that cannnot be filled with anything but Him.

Terrific story, well done!
What a great reminder right before Christmas...Jesus came that we may have life, and have it ABUNDANTLY! This is a beautiful entry, just as I knew it would be! God bless you! and Merry Christmas!
Very creative approach, with a gentle, inviting challenge at the close. Well done.
What a powerful ending! Loved the story and especially that last paragraph. Good job!
Loved this beginning to end…I was pulled in from the beginning line and then loved how you brought forth the powerful message!! This is just excellent! It is truly sad how many people live for what they can acquire…seeking out only money or fame, never realizing that never buys happiness and in fact, money and fame often being the opposite, more problems and less happiness. Only takes a good look at Hollywood to see that. As your story shows, having the love of Jesus and giving of ourselves is what brings true happiness.

This story makes you ponder too, how many comments that you read on social media sites, show a different picture behind the scenes. It is so easy to make things look wonderful in the “face” people choose to show the world…but it is Jesus that sees behind the flowery profiles and looks at the hearts and knows the truth.

I hope this story makes it beyond FaithWriters because its message is so vital in a materialistic world and especially at the holiday season. Terrific job!