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You make a good point about piracy with an excellent spiritual message at the end. Thanks for sharing.
Very informative piece. I'm so happy you explained the 'cloud' concept, because I could never understand that before. I thought this piece was very well layed out and presented. My only exception would be the inclusion of the prayer upload/download, since this seemed to trail slightly away from your point. (I had expected something about how the Lord abhores dishonest scales, or something of that nature.) One other comment: Writing in the 'positive' is more powerful than writing in the 'negative'. So, for example, in your first sentence, instead of saying "is not something new," you might say, "is familiar".

Overall, I liked the discussion, the message, and the beautiful prayer at the end. I loved the inclusion of the trademark symbol, which worked to seal your point.
Beautifully written and nice job with this entry. I enjoyed it. Thank you. God Bless~