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How chilling! Definitely drew me in and kept my attention to the riveting end. Your message is very clear and creatively delivered. I especially like the interplay of characters: the “bad,” the “good,” and the observers. I see how this relates to the topic although I think that could have been drawn out a little more clearly. You do an excellent job showing rather than telling. Good work!
This is a unique, riveting story that is spot on topic. I found my heart pounding while reading.

I must admit, when I first read that a Christian was in the chair, my thoughts went to "Oh, no, not another one of those stories" The changing times have created many such stories. But this one had a different spin on it. I really liked the ending and thought it was quite different from other stories. It was a chilling story, but I left with hope and that made me feel good about the story. Nice job!
Excellent job on this, I love the futuristic, sci-fi setting, it was a creative take on the topic! I love the way you have the little boy absorbing the truths of what he is seeing! Well done!
Thanks for this - sequel please! Can't wait to see what becomes of the little boy, and whether he will be an answer to prayer?
Great job - I felt as if I had a "Sci-Fi" novel in hand. It had such a familiar plot-very professionally written. Thanks. God Bless~
Congratulations! God Bless~
Amazing! Reminds me of a Tom Cruise movie only with a decidedly evangelistic flair! Love how you showed the huge difference between the two "criminals'" lives and how the Christian man's death was indeed able to arouse questions in searching minds.

Congrats on your Editor's Choice award!