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Good anecdotal start with good facts to focus us on prayer. While this shows some creative angle on the topic I think the focus on upload/download may not be as clear as intended.
I found this piece compelling. I read it as if I were studying an artifact of some sort. I wanted to know more, to hear where you were going with this. You convinced me there was something missing from the mass group prayer event. I fell in love with the way you described Jesus' approach. However, in the last paragraph you lost me. I was hoping you would tell me how "I" the reader could apply all you've said before. I see you intended to explain this. But I think throwing in the Holy Spirit at the last bit threw me. Because I am not the Holy Spirit, so I was unable to translate that to myself. What I really wanted to know by this point, is how I, a mere, fallible mortal, with all my weaknesses, could approach this 'prayer exchange' more effectively. (I read it twice, but perhaps there's something I missed?)

Overall, I found the piece interesting, and like I mentioned in the beginning -- compelling.
Interesting and creative but not sure about being on topic. I think the uploading/downloading was meant to focus on computers. However still a good read.
This was a peaceful informative read - it was interesting and I enjoyed it. Although I liked it I was a little confused about the "topic" - But I appreciated it nonetheless.
Thank you. Blessings~
Good teachings about prayer and how the Holy Spirit interacts intimately with us. Although this writing is not quite about uploading or downloading, we can all know how our prayers rise up to God (Revelation 8:4). Thanks for sharing this. God bless.
Interesting, a good read with thought provoking content. The length of the paragraphs were a bit cumbersome and difficult to keep eyeball focus. You drifted a bit with the 'subject' but the piece has great content.