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I really enjoyed this story. Having been in similar situations like this one (not with the light going out but other distractions) I applaud the pastor's focus and ability to download and upload information without the use of all the various helps we have today.

The picture that was painted of everyone remaining still and receptive really spoke to me about the connection that needs to happen every Sunday between a speaker and the congregation. This blessed me.

LOVED IT! No computer can ever equal the mind boggling capacity of the human brain and heart. You said it all in this well composed entry.
And I felt it reading this story!! This was so beautiful and it blessed me to read it! Wonderful Pastor that would not let darkness stop the light of God’s word coming forth! I can see where this would be a memorable event and I’ll bet this sermon stuck in the congregation’s mind more than those when the lights were on...God works in mysterious ways! You did a great job presenting this account and weaving it in with the topic! I love the thought that God’s word downloaded into our brains is there ready to be uploaded when needed! I thoroughly enjoyed this, Great job!
Creative take on the topic! A perfect example of how we should "hide the Word in our hearts."
Powerful experience and very well told. It reminded me of once when I was preaching and the sound system failed - so then I had to preach from the Amplified Bible!
It's fun - and inspiring when God show his greatness through prepared servants.
Excellent creativity on the "download"/"upload" context. The brain - it is amazing - such a powerful tool - loved your reference. Light in the darkness, God's Word does illuminate. His Word is a lamp to our feet, even when there is physical darkness. This also reminded me that we are given the mind of Christ, but it is up to us to "upload" and "download" the thoughts of Christ - that is what your pastor exemplified. A good lesson and one I will focus on today, as a new work week starts - must be careful to "upload" and "download" the right thoughts. So many parallels here...thinking on whatever is lovely, pure, true....Thank you for your creative and sensitive spirit in sharing this story and the powerful lesson it envelopes.
Much truth in your writing. Too many of us are dependent on online information. While computers depend on electric or battery power, our source of power is from God, and only in Him can be find illumination. Living the light in us needs no computer to keep us going, and we can certainly thank God for that. An enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing this. God bless.
Congrats on your BONUS PRIZE! Way to go!!!