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This was an interesting story and one which pulled on my heart strings.

Thank you. God Bless~
This is a fascinating story. The words and descriptions you used were scrumptious (well descriptive at least :)) I did have some trouble following the story as I wasn't sure who some of the characters were. Ithink part of this was caused by the word limit. I liked that it was based on a true story. Thanks for explaining some of the terms for ignorant Americans like myself :)
Hmmm, what to say?!

You have used a wonderful writing style, with very rich descriptions and a quirkiness suited to the MC.

Having said that, I found this very difficult to understand, and found myself faltering many times as I tried to make out what was going on. And maybe that's an extra dimension of the story, showing what life can be like for those with Asperger's, as well as those caring for them; hard to read and understand.

BUT, with perseverance and the willingness to stick with the story, I was able to 'get' most of it - and isn't that exactly how we should be with people, too, having the willingness to get to know them and their quirks and 'oddball ways' so we can see and understand who they are for real, not just as we judge them to be.

I'll come back to this one a few more times, I think. Well done.

I too, had trouble following along, but I found Christopher such an endearing character, I wanted to understand. I believe the piece pulled me so deep into his mind that it felt foreign to me. But this was true less and less so the more I read. I have a feeling if I could spend just a little more time with Christopher, I would be able to understand him quite well.
I agree with all the previous comments! Having had exposure to higher lever autism (my sister), I think you did a stellar job of portraying the disjointed thought processes typical to Asperger's. Good job with a tough assignment!

Nice Job! Congratulations- and God Bless~
Congratulations Danielle. This is a deeply compelling entry.
You've captured the enigma of warm but distant connections beautifully in the subtle twists of your work. Highly Commended indeed.