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Very intriquing story and filled with great messages throughout. I liked this. Thank you! God Bless~
I really enjoyed this. We are studying Proverbs in Bible study right now andyou did a good job representing Solomon's wisdom. I enjoyed the subtle take on the topic.
This is very well written and flows nicely.

There was just one small sentence that kind of jarred when I read it, "sweeping away cars, homes, and the Internet" - the inclusion of the Internet seems a little forced, as if it was put in there just for the sake of the topic. I think because you so developed the story so beautifully to this point, you possibly could have left that out, maybe suggested 'all materialistic things were swept away' as a general idea. (Remember, this is just my opinion, others probably think differently!).

I really do love this comparison, well done!
Wow, I can almost see these ladies in action. Great imagery and a perfect parable to make the point. Loved it!
There are many pearls of wisdom in this piece. The difference between wisdom and folly is well developed and leaves the writer without any doubt as to why "wisdom excels folly."

Loved the message!
I agree that the imagery in this piece is amazing. I can see the scene in my mind. And a very creative take on the topic. Beautifully written and well done!
Three Cheers, Theresa! Congratulations!!
COngratulations on a job well done. God Bless~
Yay! Happy Dance! Congratulations :)
Very creative and flows beautifully. Congratulations on placing 3rd. Well deserved!