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Wow, that was so touching! Just raw and heartfelt emotion oozes forth! His glory did seem to wash over me as I was reading it! Would be wonderful if all the lost could indeed receive this e-mail and read it! I have to admit I did giggle at the beginning at the “send to” addys and thought this was going to have a humorous twist to it, but it was seriously serious and its message powerful! As a Christian I had a hard time seeing this wonderful message as Spam, but of course it is realistic that the groups it was sent to would see it as Spam for sure. But, I love at the ending it did touch a heart to seek God and you know if this truly was sent out to thousands and it even touched just one, how worth it would be! I really enjoyed this! Right on topic and a wonderful testimonial! Great job.
First I have to say, "" was hysterical.

Okay now for the more serious part. This is coming from the perspective of the person I was when I was a nonbeliever (for forty-two years of my life).

I would have never complied with someone I didn't know who just came out and said to simply open my eyes, because that's all I have to do to find God. I have an incredibly stubborn nature, you see. The way I found Him was through the actions of some very special people who were deeply in love with Jesus Christ. They loved me, and nurtured me, in spite of my unbeilief, and I wanted to be like them.

To me, the beginning portion of your essay feels accusatory. When I was a nonbeliever I would have felt insulted by such an opening statement. (Nonbelievers are simple and numb-minded that way.)

However, after you've introduced yourself, your journey, and your testimony, those very same phrases (God is there for all who will see...) now feel loving, sincere, and believable, because you've set a platform for it.

I agree with everything you've said. I now know God is everywhere. I can't believe how long it took me to notice him. I can't imagine a day without Him. I know how frustrating it is when others don't see; I'm surrounded by loved ones who don't.

But I also understand some people can't see what others see. So they need to be shown instead of simply told.
Okay, now I'm feeling guilty, so I want to make it clear that I was not trying to sound harsh. Your message is good, necessary, and so very needed in this fallen world.

A thought crossed my mind a few moments ago. Do you remember when those 'Magic Eye' pictures that were popular in the 90's? On the outset they look like a million dots of various colors. But if you look at it the right way, a fantastic 3D image appears. Some people could never see the thing, could never relax their minds enough to let the image appear. It's funny, because I remember saying to a friend who couldn't see it: Just look at it; it's right there!
I liked this. My heart could definitely relate. I remember when my mom died unexpectedly, The emotions and memories were overwhelming. But somehow, God helped me through the tough times.

At first, I had a hard time seeing the topic, then I realized it was one of those forwarded emails. Sometimes they do have wonderful messages but what turns me off is the comments at the end like if you aren't embarrassed to be a child of God you will forward this to 10 people.

I really enjoyed your message and love the mysterious ways in which God works.
Gripping story! Good testimony and definitely a message to be shared with the masses. Thanks.
This was so ... moving! The cute fake email addresses alerted me to the topic right away.

I too thought it might take a humorous tone at first but the heartfelt expression and the depth of faith just grabbed me. It was very inspiring.

Having just lost my father a few months ago, it really spoke to me. The relationship you had with your Dad is so clear and wonderful. And the legacy of faith he left in his daughter is just as clear.

Thanks for this very healing piece!
Very touching piece. I loved creative "email addresses." I was so moved by all you were able to articulate about both of your Dads - your heavenly Father and the reflection of Himself He gave you on earth. Such great memories of a father who taught you the most important key to life. This was an honoring tribute to both of your Fathers. I so appreciated your honesty in sharing the emotion, the pain and that in honor of your Dad, you held onto your faith. A wonderful, heartfelt, inspired testimony of abiding, eternal love. Thank you for sharing.
Having lost my own beloved father, although not in the same manner, mine died of cancer, your words of pain touched my heart.

Your words made the pain so real that I wanted to reach out and comfort you. Good job with that.

The spam connection was a little vague, but there. I like the article.

And--just in case you wrote from experience----hug.
You show a lot of creativity here. Your email addresses at the beginning were fascinating and your message is the icing on the cake.