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Short and to the point. Nice job of staying on topic and bringing home the message.

God Bless~
I bet that was a fun little entry to write! Nice job.
This is great. What's the old adage about building a better mousetrap? You covered this idea in a succinct and clever way.
What a creative entry - I especially like the "(not the jam)" reference! Very clever, and a good reminder to always stay on guard; even when we think a situation is 'fixed' the enemy will try and find new, trickier ways to un-fix them. Well done.
Lovely personification of Spam!

I believe 'ate' should be 'late) in the last paragraph, yes?

Otherwise beautifully crafted.
Oh, my goodness, I laughed till I hurt! Love this! My only critique is that it ended so ---abruptly. But, then, maybe it was the word limit thing? Whatever---I could have kept right on reading. You made me laugh, thanks for that! *)
Well written, short to the point truth! No matter how hard the good people work, it seems the criminals are out there working harder, trying to stay one step ahead of anything put out to stop them. Guess it will be so until the Lords return. Great job.
I loved all of the word play and the title was perfect for your piece. I was entertained throughout.
I always enjoy "tongue in cheek pieces" Too many people are so serious. Thanks for a chortle.