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This is really interesting. I enjoyed reading it. I thought your strongest criteria was creativity. The start was also quite good. The weakest part might be flow. I stumbled over a few sentences. The very last line felt a little forced. I think you might be surprised to find out how many people you have touched with your poignant words. It's wonderful to see gadgets being used to glorify God.
I LOVE your title. It totally drew me in. Fascinating read. Enjoyed the way you linked the two type of "blogs" together.
Very enjoyable read. I'm not sure how on-topic it was, but then I'm not completely sure about blogging either. As a an occasional radio presenter and a weekly columnist - and being blessed with the ideal face for radio and a wonderful voice for writing - I congratulate you on your faithfulness in presenting so much material for a "faceless" audience.
What I enjoyed about this piece was the personal, relaxed nature of it. I felt like I was sitting accross from you sipping coffee. Actually, I was sitting accross from you sipping coffee while enjoying your story -- you just didn't know about it.

What I find fascinating about blogging is that those who don't get it, really don't get it, and those who do are drawn to it for reasons that go beyond their total understanding.
This was very interesting. I was drawn by the title and similar to the above comment,felt that you'd just bobbed round to my house for a chat.

You only know of the one soul that was led to Christ by your broacasts, but it was worth your effort for just that one person and there may be many more who you didn't hear about.
Nice job- It was very interesting. Thank you. God Bless~
We may never know whether our blogs minister to people or win some souls, but we can be sure our effort in the Lord is never wasted. Thanks for sharing this well written piece. God bless.
Lovely! So many of us did do that, keeping journals and diaries,etc before blogging was ever around. Good job! God bless!