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This was an interesting read- I liked that you started with a joke.

I haven't read many articles this week yet. Although I do suspect many will give an example of a blog. I did think it was quite clever to include the comments. It's a great insight into human nature.

Some of the sentences were hard for meto understand. I think if you tightened some of them up it would make easier reading.
For example this sentence: but nothing so dramatic as for the preacher who was no stranger to controversy.
Just a simple rewording would make it easier to understand. A preacher, who was no stranger to controversy, captivated his congregation with a dramatic story.

I liked the message you told. I think different people at different pointsin life will take something unique to them from this piece. This shows that the Holy Spirit is at work here.
Inspired and thought provoking!

The first paragraphs made me chuckle (reading the 'fools' letter from the pulpit.) The last paragraph summed everything up! I think you 'planneted' this entry around the topic well and with a fresh and original approach.

This is the first entry I've read so far but it's you again isn't it!!!
I too liked the joke about the fool, however, I thought that paragraphs 2, 3, and 4 were a little distracting from the main essay.

And I loved the main essay. If this is all true, comments included, I'm shocked and saddened. Can't these people see they are guilty of Joe's main complaint! (some of them, anyway). If the comments are fiction then I'd say you brilliantly painted a picture of, sadly, what all the Joe's of the world see.

Loved the message. The comments at the end were brilliant.
Your preacher (with mailbox letter) was quite clever. Reminds me of Psalm 14:1

I love the strength of your answer to Joe Bloggs with, "Through Jesus Christ, he knows what its like to be one of us, and to have suspicion, hatred and manipulation heaped onto him from the most moral people of his day." Your response to Joe Bloggs went beyond forms and applications, showing how life "should be completed" or made complete. The range of answers to your response was quite interesting, some thought-provoking and some a bit chilling. Great entry!
Oh this was so good! Thank you! I loved the entire entry- it always makes me happy to see scriptures and Jesus in stories. Great job! God Bless~
Much truth about the kind of comments we sometimes get from our Christian blogs. It is sad at times comments from believers are just as hurtful, written without a compassionate heart. Your story illustrates well the need for us to be sensitive when giving comments. Thank you for sharing this.
Great devotional! Loved the scriptures! God bless!