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Wow! I love this! You did an outstanding job with creativity. The start grabbed me and I had goosebumps throughout. The ending was grand too. It left me both feeling satisfied while wishing I could read more about Thea.

The only things I can even think of critiquing is you had a comma instead of a period at the end of a paragraph. I also wondered if all records and accounts of history were erased how did she know about Ecclesiastes. But then again, that's why the term literary license was invented.

Outstanding writing. You have a great deal of talent! I so enjoyed reading this.
Very tight writing focused on a state of mind rather than an imposed state of being. You've chosen a perfect genre to express you thoughts. Although you've used your words well I would suggest using fewer multi-syllable words that slow the reader down. If you substituted a few (not all)simpler, shorter words the rhythm would be even better.

On the other hand, perhaps it's a choice you made to show us how we complicate our lives unnecessarily.
This was certainly unique and creative. It flowed well and from the start I was curious enough to want to read on to see what it was all about.

Full marks for an original approach to the topic!

I loved this. There are so many wonderful layers in this piece.

I hope to live to see the day when mass culture returns to want of privacy, which ironically should bring a return of face-to-face communication.

Cute- nice story and well written. God Bless~
Very creative and thought-provoking material.
Great creativity and good flow. Interesting and well written. Great job! God bless!
I like the way you write this piece like a sci-fi. The settings, the plot, the pace, and the suspense are intriguing and captivating from start to end. I especially like the story idea about the need and possibility of engaging in face to face conversation rather than communicating via social media. Thumbs up for an exceptionally well written piece!
Congratulations! I'm delighted this story did so well. I think sci-fi is a great avenue for spreading your message! :)
Congrats! Great job...God Bless you~
Interesting premise. Congratulations on your EC!