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I love it! This is hysterical and so true. No wonder we humans with cats get insomnia from time to time! This was on topic yet so creative and different. I think you captured your cats thoughts well. And you don't fool me for a minute...I suspect you love the cats as much if not more than your wife!
You really do have the interactions of cats down pat. This is a nice, light-hearted story. I like it.

When I was a kid, my dad used to say, "I don't like cats." Yet, whenever he sat down in his recliner, he called to our big orange and white tabby to come sit on his lap. They had a special bond and no one was fooled by his words.

I'm not fooled by yours either. You're a cat admirer. I agree with Shannon. I think you like them more than you let on.
I really enjoyed this pussycat sit-com. It was comical and refreshing and a totally original take on the topic! Well done.
Great job! It had me smiling all the way through. God Bless~
Dogs have owners; cats have staff! This is very imaginative and it's so true to life. My wife also does not like cats much, but if ever we visit anyone who has a cat, it will make straight for her lap!
A good fun read. Well done.
Delightful and amusing! Loved it start to finish! God bless!
A nicely written piece, much like a play depicting the 'human' side of things from the viewpoint of cats. Excellent take on the topic.
Congratulations on your EC! It was one of my favorites! Now are you ready to admit you love cats!?
Yeh, Jim! Congratulations on your placement. I knew this story would be a hit!
As a cat owner...ooops, slave, I really appreciate this! Very humorous and spot on! Well done!
Great job! Congrats on your HR placing! God Bless~
Such a fun, cute story. Congratulations on your EC!