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I was intrigued by your first sentence. I, also, don't quite understand blogs so I could relate to you.

I think you managed to creativity tackle the topic. It reminded me of my mom and her daily journaling.

I think the journal entries might have been more appealing to the eye had they been in italics.

The biggest problem I have is that you said the '80s were 30 years ago. Ridiculous! I graduated in 83 and it was just a few years ago! Wait I just did the math {blushing} Hmm now I can really relate to the MC! :)

Seriously it's a great message. Sometimes when we are in the midst of our overwhelming lives it's hard to see how God can turn the difficult into something amazing. I know my mom must have had a similar entry in her journal when I was pregnant at 18 but Emily turned out to be the best blessing ever.
I like this. And idea of what blogs may have been like had they existed then. :)

I felt the ending was a bit weak. The journal entries were strong, so perhaps a closing journal entry would have been good after the last part. Maybe something like "Maybe I should read a few more..." and then included an entry as a closing remark. Just an idea.

Maybe I shouldn't say this, but I kept looking to see if you'd have an entry for the day of my birth... May 20, 1983. But you ended too soon. Nice job with this one. :)
Different and interesting. I like to hear about peoples lives, maybe because I'm nosy! I don't blog either so I just had to assume that the FW's blog was a good example to put me in the picture.
So sweet! I passed on reading this one a few times. (Big mistake! You know, how Julia Roberts says it in Pretty Woman, "Big mistake, Big!") Because I loved this. So personal, and meaningful. Absolutely unique.
Beautiful job- very nicely written...and very realistic as well. It held my attention and brought across a good message. God Bless~
I like your honesty in your expression and in your rethinking as you allow God's rebuke/encouragement to take effect, but I guess us 1948 vintage people have a lot going for us anyway!
I really liked your last paragraph as it changed to reflecting on God's goodness and guidance through all of the years of striff and remembering the joy instead of focusing on the often frantic pace of day to day living. Also, theres something about the hand written journal that's far more soothing to some of us than the keystrokes that go into a blog. Nice job, oh and by the way was 1983 really almost 30 years ago :)!!
A very candid approach on the topic! I enjoyed the read, the recollection of the near forgotten past in the journal, and especially the closing inspiration to start blogging about God's faithfulness through the years. An interesting read!