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This was an interesting read and my heart emphathized with you. As writers, we do want to touch the world with our thoughts. We never know how many people will be touched by our experiences so keep writing.

I think your weakest criteria was creativity. Though, I haven't read too many stories yet, I imagine many people will use an example of a blog.

I noted a few minor errors: it should be we kid not us kids (but I love the title of the blog; I'd never heard of that one before)also if you use the phrase a lot make sure it is two words.

Keep writing and don't get discouraged. We all have days when we want to quit but God has given you this particular talent because He knows how strong you are!
I love the comparisons you make between our lives and the glass ornaments.

I would have perhaps started out a bit differently. Start out with the glass maker saying "Back into the glory hole!" then then go back to explain. It's a better "hook" to draw the reader in.

Good job with this one, and some good reminders.
This was cute! I liked it. I thought it had a good message too. God Bless~
Very clear and pertinent parallels in your work, though the intro took a little more space than it needed, especially when you had so much strong material for us to take in.
I loved the analogy in this piece. It causes one to ponder about the trials we face and God's purpose is to refine us and make us a beautiful ornament for all to see. God bless!
I was not a fan of the term Glory Hole until I learned what it meant (can't explain why, just rubbed me wrong).

I loved the analogy and loved this as a devotional however, as a challenge piece themed 'blog' I would have liked to see you tie the metaphore back to your blog in the end. It seemed like the piece became more about your faith than your blog.

I loved your conversational tone, writing as if you were speaking, which made me feel comfortable and enjoying the conversation.
An excellent devotional for blogging, but not focused on the topic. I especially like the part explaining the reheating. God's molding process helps keep our hearts burning, never to grow cold. Your story illustrates the meaning of the Bible verse, "But He knows the way I take; When He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold" (Job 23:10 NAS) very well. God bless.