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This is interesting and certainly creative. I'm not sure if you actually nailed the topic. I think you kind of touched on it with the new language that texting and IM is creating, but it seems to me that blogs are more written in a standard way but as I don't follow many blogs I could be wrong.

I loved the message! How true that we need to be more tolerant and understanding of others.

I must admit the garble was simultaneously distracting and intriguing. I found myself counting characters to see if they matched what was written below. I also looked for a hidden message.

This is definitely creative and out of the box! Good job.
I love the cat's blog. (Right??)

It may have been best to say that this was the cat... Have it signed by the cat at the very end or something.

I hope the cat's just their because the family is on vacation. I feel kind of sorry for the poor cat! Good job with this one.
Oh gee... Please ignore my typos in my first comment... *blushes*
Don't know if I should, thank you for this one, because my spell-checker just committed suicide.
sorry, I don't get this one at all. Cat? Old person? metaphor completely over my head? I'll check back later for an explanation. But it does seem creative.
I thought this was clever and imaginative. God Bless~
I felt like the MC was reaching out, struggling to communicate, and to be understood, in a world plagued with vast misunderstandings.

How ironic to have readers who can't understand what you are trying to say!
Is the 'gibberish' text preceding the paragraphs intended to mean a language not understood by human or the codes entered via strokes of the keyboard which can only be understood by the computer? One thing is sure, neither the MC [before the "many strolls across the keyboard it took"] nor many of us are able to figure out the things being said.

Overall, I must say the story is unique and an interesting read, especially when thinking it in terms of the current paradigm between written words by the adults and the young of today.