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This is really creative. I enjoyed the parallels between Kristen's world and the FW challenge. I leave many comments and always have good intentions but have inadvertently hurt some feelings. This story gives me the strength to keep on commenting. It is a quite timely message.
Such a completely different take on blogging! I love this character and how she relates to us as writers. I think it would be awesome to meet her in real life.
Thanks for your feeling and your clarity in this entry.
I LOVED this! Your take was unique and your content was painfully relatable for anyone who has a blog. Very well written.
Wow- powerful and a brilliant entry. I loved it. Nice job of bringing the character of a "traditional blogger" to light. God Bless~
I loved the mention that the therapist thought journaling would help the MC understand her emotions. I always loved journaling and keeping a diary, but those are so much more personal than blogging. Great job! God bless!
I enjoy this piece very much because I've personally experienced it myself. I still maintain a blog using a fictional character which I seldom update these days except when I need to express my feelings or pain to the world without having them to know who I am. At times, I would also write at this blog things I observed or happening around me which I think should be sounded out.

Blogs have a way of bringing various types of people commenting and feeding back, some to hurt, others to console or encourage. My prayer is through all these activities, we will find healing to our hearts when hurting and happiness in sharing joy to the world.

Thanks for sharing this. God bless.