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This is a fascinating story. You have a subtle sense of humor. The beginning was great. I was intrigued right off, the ending was strong as well.

I think you were weakest on the crafting. You had little errors like font instead of front. There were also places that could have used a comma to make it easier to understand. After a quote instead of a period, you may want to use a comma then put words like replied in lowercase instead of capitals. This will avoid having incomplete sentences.

I really enjoyed your message. I thought it showed a lot of insight. I enjoy reading something that makes me stop and reflect on my own life and decisions. You accomplished that.
Ohmygosh I loved this. What a clever way to look at blogging, in hindsight. Loved some of the phrasing and terms you used like, 'archeologists' (never, would I have thought to pair this word with 'blog'), and 'Reputable Blog Analyst' -- so funny! (Reminds me of another made up term I once read, 'Center for Media Diseases').

My favorite part:
Surely not! Shouted an older lady from the group. Do you mean to tell us that they lacked the cognitive skills of talking face to face?
Oh hello again. I'm cruising through the list again and I still love this one. It's simply not okay that only two comments exist to date for this lovely piece, so I'm leaving this one. :)
Great job! Phenomenal way of bringing the topic to fruition. I thought this was truly clever and brilliant in all aspects. Funny too! Loved it! God Bless~
Ingenious take on the topic! Loved it! God bless!
An excellent piece that is highly imaginative, and with a touch of sci-fi! What we deem as hi-tech now before long shall be made ancient, and today's impersonal communication through a device is certainly better off with face-to-face communication. Even now, it is not uncommon for people to communicate using instant or text messaging although just a few feet apart. Your story is a good reminder for us to get up close and personal when communicating with others, rather than chat online. Nicely written!
Congratulations! I think it's great to have a few sci-fi stories in the top 10, what a great way to reach people!
Congrats on your win! God Bless you~
Intriguing idea. Congratulations on your EC!
Very clever! Insightful too. Well done! And congratulations on your editors' choice award!