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I enjoyed this immensely. You did a great job pulling me into the story. The idea of making it an assignment. is quite creative.

I noticed little errors like missing words and quotes. A critique group would help with that. I also noticed that though the dialog was a bit rugged, the descriptions in between the quotes were well-written and correct. My only question would be if he spoke in that slang way, would his descriptions be so good?
This is a dilemma because if you stayed in character it might be difficult to read. I don't really have an answer but more am just sharing my musings.

Overall, I think you did a fantastic job. It was a refreshing read and a great example of how adults can learn from kids.
I really like this.

The end seemed a bit rushed to me... I would have liked to see a few of the details in the beginning taken out and then the a bit more at the end.

I loved the name of the blog. :)
I enjoyed your story. I'm not an expert commenter but I think Shann's advice about things would be helpful. Keep writing!
TimBob may have thought he was blah, blah, blahing, but I believe he benefited from his own blogging...

Cute story. Loved the message.
I liked this story. Good message and fun to read. Thanks. God Bless~
This is a great story with a lot of realism in it. I like that idea of the "blah blah blah log." Great job!
An enjoyable piece demonstrating the right approach to evangelism. Reaching people for Christ is not so much about telling them than showing in kind by first meeting their needs. A powerful message in a story. Excellent job!
This is a great piece...I enjoyed the read...God bless you and thanks for sharing it...