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This is a very enjoyable read and you had me laughing several times.

You did a great job with a fresh approach on the topic. The only things I could argue with are little things like a hyphen in old-fashioned and grandkids being one word not two (though the spell check does underline grandkids as incorrect)

I really enjoyed the message. I know what it is like to have God show me the error of my ways.
Oh my gosh so delightful, charming, and funny. LOL!

I can't tell you how many times I've been the recipient of God's 'subtle' hints.

Great take of the topic. Loved it.
On topic and funny. Except for a few grammar errors already mentioned, it is well-crafted.
Cute story with good message, woven around the topic! Had me giggling! The ending was unexpected, that she just gave up and bought rolls to take…but guess that was her humble way of not trying to outdo the others!! LOL Enjoyed this! Great job!
An enjoyable read! I like your take on this topic. It's uniquely different with a nice touch of humor. God bless.
Cute take on the topic. I'm like your MC in that I frequently hit the wrong letter in my search. It's amusing what Google provides me with instead. Good job! God bless!
Congratulations on your HC! It looks like you're jumping back into the challenge with both feet!
A good fun read for its imagery and its brevity. Maybe your MC needs a spell with - as well as from - her computer!
Congraulations on being Highly Commended.