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I really enjoyed your humor. You had me simultaneously rolling my eyes and chuckling. The absurdity of a caveman with a pet dino drew me in.

Topic: 3 You did bring the topic in, but it kind of felt like an afterthought.

Creativity: 4.8 You were very creative and fresh.

Crafting 3.5 This is well-written with very few errors.

Beginning: 3.5 You drew me in and the desire to see how the topic was going to fit in to a caveman story kept me reading. I did think this would be a kids' story and was surprised it wasn't.

End: 3 I like how you tied in the topic, but it felt like an afterthought. Maybe you had the first part of your story in your head, then tweaked it to fit the challenge.

Communicated: 3.5 I did like how you showed the effort scholars have gone through to help the Bible be understood by many.

Flow: 2.5 It felt like you jumped from your charming, funny story to the future without a good transition. But the flow of the first part of the story was great.

Publishable: 3 I think the first part would make an awesome children's story.

Overall, I think you have a great imagination and you did an awesome job painting a picture for me. I enjoyed the read and chuckled throughout.
great start to hook the reader, and very clever and creative. I got lost a few times along the way and by the end was not exactly sure of your message. On the other hand, I think this story has a lot of potential and well worth doing more work with it. Perhaps there are a couple of stories in here.
A creative story but the topic is not the central focus of the entry. About one-half the way through the flow becomes muddled. Overall a fresh and unique piece.
What a delightful and humorous mix of fantasy and seriousness! I thoroughly enjoyed this!
I doo - doo hope that you'll return to this and work on it. I agree that it could make a great children's story. It was fresh, apart from the thawed out doo - doo, and original and made me want to read on. I think the change from fun and lighthearted to serious was a bit abrupt but overall a great story.
An interesting and enjoyable read with a great sense of humor! Who would have thought a topic like search engine can be so creatively written? I believe as writers all of us can understand the part about "despairing of ever seeing his manuscript in print" very well. LOL. An exceptionally well written piece.
Jim, I'm sorry you didn't place higher. You have a good story here. And the way you wove your humor into an otherwise potentially stale topic was, what I thought, superb.

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