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This sweet, true-to-life story brought tears as I read it. Shows how even the most well-meaning of us can get ourselves in a mess and how God is always there to pull us out.
The tension was real, the conflict believable and the solution just great.
Good job on this. On topic with a worthwhile lesson.

This was a brilliant message with a poignancy that touched my soul.

You did a wonderful job of bringing it all together while focusing on God - our everything.

This is cleary a favorite of mine. Nice job! God Bless~
I love this. You drew me in right away, making me wonder what her trouble was. You did a great job of pulling the topic in. As a teen, Christian mom myself, I could really relate to this story. I really liked how you showed the Spirit working on their hearts.
Such a tender, touching story you have woven so well around the topic! I love how the Holy Spirit was searching her heart as she searched the net and you just knew God was guiding the information she was getting! LOL This was so well written and shows Gods love and mercy and conviction is there, directing us back to the right path, when we mess up! I loved the ending too! This was a joy and blessing to read. Hopefully it will be seen beyond this Faith Writers challenge, and can be placed into the hands of young teens! Great job!
This is a beautiful, tender love story carrying a sound message. You hit the topic well and it flowed to a satisfying ending. I agree with all the above comments. Well done!
Great Job! It's amazing how God can speak to us, even through our computer straight into our hearts as he masterfully weaves his way through our multi-layered defenses. You depicted this very very well indeed.
Excellent job of conveying a tender message. Good use of the topic, and well written. God bless!
An excellent piece of writing! The emotions are so well expressed, and I could feel the turmoil the MC must have felt. A very realistic account of the horrifying decision many young people have to make today. Thankfully, your story ended on a positive note. I particularly like the part "while she had been searching for answers to her problem on the computer, the Holy Spirit had searched her heart." God bless, and thanks for sharing this.
Congratulations for ranking 8th in level 3!