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I did enjoy this, and can relate to comnplexities in an individuals life. It was cleverly guised around the subject.

Was the "search engine" her brain? That is what I envisioned during this entry. I especially loved the last line-
God Bless~
Of course I made an error! Complexities - God Bless~
I enjoyed this. After all the brain is the original search engine.

Topic: 3.5-4.9 I'm torn rating this category. I think it was fresh and creative and different. But I think the topic was really supposed to be about computers yet the brain is the finest example of a computer.

Creativity 4.7 I really like how you handled this.

Crafted:4 This is well-written with very few errors.

Start:4 You did a nice job setting this up.

Ending 4 You did an awesome job wrapping this up and leaving me satisfied.

Flow:3.5 There were a couple of sentences I had to reread to understand it. But you did a nice job of moving from paragraph to paragraph.

Communication: 3.9 You did a great job showing how God uses our brain to help us filter out our day and move forward.

Publishable: 4 I could easily picture this in a magazine.

Overall you are a creative talented writer.I really enjoyed this.
This is fresh and creative but it does not fit the entry. An enjoyable story.
I loved this creative approach to the topic! It had my attention beginning to end! I loved how you showed the brain searching and filing information for when needed! You know it was almost like I could envision God, directing her search engine brain. I thoroughly enjoyed this! Good job!
An excellent exposition of Psalm 139 in a narrative! I can feel the mixed emotions of the MC within your writings. This piece is well expressed and speaks to the heart. Good job!
Congratulations! You did an awesome job. This was one of my favorites!
Great imagery and scope in a very well-constructed entry. A well-deserved first placing.
I think you did a truly amazing job with the topic, using God's Spirit as the search engine. It was origial,cleverly constructed and flowed beautifully to a satisfying ending. Inspired! Congratulations on placing 1st. Well deserved!