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Oh, my gosh. This is hilarious. :)
I am sure many families and the younger generation can identify with this story! Nice job. God Bless~
I couldn't quite see how you were going to fit the topic in. I enjoyed the read and chuckled at your puns. It did seem he was playing a computer game though instead of using a search engine. I do think you have a great creative flare and a wonderful sense of humor.
Oh this is so comical. There's only one person who could have written this!

I thought you'd thrown the topic out of the window until I read to the end, and I'm still not sure now but it was a great fun read!
I loved this beginning to end, the humor, the wit, the word play - all so wonderfully woven into a delightful read! Kudos!
You have written about my world -- and nailed it. Nice!
Sounded like a computer game instead of a search engine, so I'm not sure if this fit the topic. For sure it was creative and humorous.
Ha, Sir Chen Chin = Sirch Enchin = pronounced like Search Engine! Yes, I'm positive I know who the author is! How do you create these exotic tales filled with detail (and even a mouse this time) ? You had me back in some dynasty, then at the push of a computer button in the present. :) And then your endnote concerning "avatars" .. LOL!
An enjoyable read with a great sense of humor! Absolutely appropriate character names and avatars. LOL. Nicely written!
You are quite the master story teller! What a delight! God bless!