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I love the persnickety Granny and her aversion to the Internets! This is a sparkly entry with fast-moving dialogue. I loved it, :)
I've lost my dog many times. She likes to dig out and explore.

I could feel her anxiety during her search. The story moves fast and has lots of energy. Great hook and quick close. Good job!
This was so perfect! It is so "spot" on with the subject, and a very cute happy ending.

Witty dialogue and it held my interest all the way through!

This was a "tail" to be told for sure! God Bless~
This was a fun read. You had me chuckling while emphasize with the MC. Below is the rating scale used by the judges with my scores and opinions.

Topic: 4.5 You did a great job inserting search engine into your story. (you even had a teach of this week's topic Blogs:)

Creativity: 4 I thought it was quite clever to use the computer for finding a missing dog.

Craft: 3 You produced a well-written story. There were a few sentences I didn't understand at first glance and needed to reread.

Flows: 3 The story progressed nicely and I liked how you transitioned. I was surprised that the MC had a college-age daughter as at first I pictured her as a teen.

Start 3.5 You grabbed my heart right away and made me want to keep reading.

End- 4.0 The ending was great and had me chuckling.

Communication:4 I liked your point. It reminded me of the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy say thenext time she looks for adventure she won't go farther than her backyard.

Publishable: 3 With a littlie polishing Icould easily see myself reading this in a magazine.
Funny! (but also sad that the neighbors didn't know each other very well)

1. How well did this entry fit the topic? 5.0

2. How creative, unique, fresh and memorable was this entry? 4.2

3. How well crafted was this entry (grammar, predictability)? 3.9

4. Did the entry start well? 4.8

5. Did the entry come to a satisfying conclusion? 3.5

6. Was this entry clearly written and communicated? 3.8

7. Did it flow smoothly? 4.2

8. How publishable is this entry for its target audience?

This was a delightful, easy- to-follow read. Great take on the topic, clever, interesting dialog, both amusing and heart warming. God bless!
Creative entry and on topic. I enjoyed the dialogue and tenseness projected in the story. Well-written and well done.
I loved this story, it had me sharing feelings of anxiety, frustration, then elation with the MC! And it was just so comical at the end – I loved that the ending left me laughing! All the characters were entertaining! What a great story you wove around the topic…terrific job!
Dog-gone! And returned. I love the irony of a strenuous internet search, to finally discover him almost under her nose. Nice twist.
An enjoyable read with excellent plot and characterization!
Well done for your second placing. Great work.
Congratulations on your placing second at your level!
Theresa, I'm going to feature this on the Front Page Showcase for the week of January 16. Look for it on the FaithWriters home page--and congratulations!